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How to do website keyword optimization

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Everyone knows that search engine optimization is the process of obtaining target traffic from search engines through seo technology, but the keyword ranking results are affected by many factors, which can not be achieved overnight. SEO requires not only continuous SEO execution, but also Scientific SEO operation specifications, it is necessary to understand the reasonable positioning of keywords. Here is Shun blog, let’s analyze how to do keyword optimization:

1.Choice of keywords

What are brand keywords?

The definition of brand is: product (category) nameplate, which is used to identify the product (category) or service logo, image, etc. Brand It is a kind of image recognition that needs to be formed in the minds of customers through a series of marketing and promotion activities, so as to distinguish its own products from those of competitors. The role of brand keywords is also here.

Long tail keywords

What is a long tail keyword? Long tail keywords are keywords that are not targeted by the website, but can give the website search traffic keywords. Long tail keywords tend to be longer, like phrases, and sometimes a sentence. Long tail keywords are mainly stored in content pages, not only in content titles, but also in content. On some large and medium-sized websites with a lot of long-tail keywords, long-tail keywords can bring a lot of traffic to the website. I believe the long tail keywords are already commonplace for the majority of webmasters! However, we cannot ignore the importance of long tail keywords. Collecting long-tail keywords for a website and formulating a long-tail keyword strategy is the fundamental survival of a website.

2.Keyword density

Everyone knows that the higher the frequency of keywords in a webpage, the search engine will think that the content of the webpage is highly relevant to the keyword, making it easier for the webpage to rank higher when searching for the keyword. And how appropriate is the density of keywords? Many SEOERs have their own answers, 2-8%, 3-7%, about 5%, and less than 10%. Do you have a bit more keyword density that caters to search engines and forgets the user experience? In fact, when considering the density of keywords on the homepage, section pages, and content pages of a website, SEOER should also pay attention to the user experience when considering the search engine, which is more conducive to building its own website brand. Therefore, my suggestion is that when considering the density of webpage keywords, it is more important to think from the perspective of the user, so that the user has a better experience.

3.How to optimize website keywords?

1.Set uniform keywords in the title and description. Any page must have a unique title and description, and the core keywords must appear no less than three times in the title.

2. seo should set important keywords at important points. The set keyword density will also affect the optimization effect, so the position where keywords appear is also indispensable. For example, the first description of the section page, such as the first paragraph of the content page and the first sentence of each paragraph. Layout of appropriate keywords in these positions through word segmentation is very beneficial to the results of article optimization.

3.More important keywords should be set on important pages. The core keywords should be placed on the homepage, then the next-level words on the column page, and the long-tail words on the content page. In this way, the structure of the entire site will be clear, and it is also very friendly for search engine optimization.

In summary, the selection of keywords has an inseparable relationship with the degree of optimization of the website. Of course, when you are doing website SEO optimization, the keyword layout needs to be based on the actual situation of the personal website, combining theoretical knowledge and actual conditions to be flexible. Adaptation and integration to improve overall user experience and website optimization.

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