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How to improve your website user experience?

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Nowadays, the number of people who will optimize the website is increasing. Regardless of the level and level, the most important point is that everyone has begun to realize the importance of website optimization. This makes the full-time seoers feel tremendous pressure, which leads to increased competitiveness of the entire industry. It is a very favorable phenomenon for search engines, which reduces the burden of crawling the page and is more conducive to the user experience. However, many people do not know how to optimize the website, I believe that this is a problem that every optimizer needs to think about. Today, talk about ways to improve website user experience and optimization.

I believe that every company that wants to be a website expects that its website can be smoothly entered by the search engine, and then obtain the ranking faster, constituting the final conversion. So how to make your own product found in the search engine, many people think that the website is beautiful, the access speed is fast, the product introduction is just fine. Therefore, when making a website, please pay a high price to ask someone to make a very high-end website, product introduction, contact information and then wait for users to come. Of course, there is no ranking, no ranking, of course, no user access.

What does user experience mean?

The user experience is that when the user arrives on your website, the user stays for a long time and is unwilling to go, and opens more connections; then the spider will determine the user’s visit route, what time to jump out of the website, how long to stay on the page, etc . Summarizing these factors, the spider will intuitively have an understanding of the status of the website, and then add or subtract points to the website. The score is high, and it is naturally ranked first by it, achieving a good ranking, and then bringing more traffic. So how can we make users increase their stay time and get users’ love for the website?

Website title

Regarding website titles, we must first determine the user’s search habits, that is, which titles users like to search. For example, what you enter when you ask questions or search for information on Google is probably your search habits.

website title

Website homepage planning

The homepage of the website is the key. If a user opens a website with navigation that has nothing to do with the user, then the user will close the page soon. Therefore, the homepage of the website must not be cluttered and have no theme. Users browsing on the Internet must want to see what is useful and valuable to them at the first glance, rather than those “Welcome” or “Online Consultation” windows. After all, the site where the user finds what they need is also able to be determined by the spider. Then the spider will think that this site is more suitable for the user’s experience and then advance its ranking.

Basic optimization operations

This point can be roughly summarized as:
(1) Relevant planning of the internal pages of the website. If the user does not find what they need, the website needs to add a list of relevant materials at the bottom of the article, which is convenient for users to experience, and reaches the internal link transformation of two or three times.
(2) Optimization of article content. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you want to increase the user’s stay time, you can increase the relevant pictures and distribute them in the article. The typography of the font is clear and clear.
(3) Site map The so-called site map is to use things to grab the connection of the website and place it in an orientation, so that the spider can smoothly climb to the whole site through the connection you gave, and advance the entry faster, then Ranking occurs.
If you are new to website optimization, I hope the above suggestions can help you. In fact, the quality of the website must not only be gorgeous page dynamic effects and detailed product information, but also how to operate and optimize the website. If you have more professional questions, please contact us.We will provide more professional services related to improving website user experience and website ranking.

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