Does the keyword order in the website title affect the ranking?

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Website SEO optimizers often say: tkd settings are the basic point of website optimization, and the title and description settings also play an important role in website SEO optimization. So, does the order of the keywords in the website title affect the ranking of the website? Let me give you a detailed look below.

According to the known search engine algorithms, we can find that a reasonable title and description setting is a typical website seo optimization technology, which will play a very good optimization effect. Because the title is like the central idea of the current page, the main information of the page is passed to the search engine, telling the content and purpose of the search engine page.

In other words, the title is an important location, and important locations need to place important keywords. To expand, the website SEO optimizer knows that the keyword density of a page will affect the ranking. In addition to the word frequency, the location of the keyword placement is also a dimension of the current page of the algorithm.

In the title, you need to resolve the keywords in order to clarify the importance of the direction. There is also a direction in the title. The higher position can be obtained with the higher position and the lower weight at the lower position.

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