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How many keywords can the website optimize?

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When many webmasters conduct site search engine optimization, the number of keywords optimized for the site is not very clear and there is ambiguity. Therefore, when we searched for questions and answers on the web, none of them had a standard answer. Some people say five-eight, and some people say that they can exceed ten, but others say infinity.

In this regard, Shun blog has different views, I hope to give you some reference.

First look at the type of website. First, we determine how many keywords a website can optimize based on different types of websites. Single-page optimization is basically based on external site optimization, and site optimization is less because there is not much content on its own page. Therefore, it is recommended to optimize three to five keywords and they are highly relevant keywords.

Secondly, there are a lot of corporate website pages, so we need to optimize the optimization of the home page and column pages. When we searched for Baidu, we found that the title can only display thirty-one Chinese characters. Our keywords are long and short. Therefore, it is recommended that in the home page keywords, as long as the title can be fully displayed as good, five of the seven are normal.

Finally, the number of keywords optimized in a column page depends on how many columns there are. For example, in the news section, the general corporate website has two to three columns. The number of primary keywords that can be set for each column heading is recommended to be at least four, no more than five, and the other two long tail words can be set correctly. Considering the customer’s experience, basically all columns follow the website title or company acronym, although this is not very useful for optimization, but it takes into account the customer’s browsing experience. ? This location can only waste point fields, delete the site name, column title, and drop the keyword 2 to 4.

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