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What is the way to improve the friendliness of search engine websites?

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How to improve the friendliness of search engines on the website? When we do website optimization, we must consider how high the search engine is on the website, so that the search engine likes our website better. Especially for new websites, the first is that search engines are not friendly from the start, and then it is difficult to operate. After that, other so-called plans and ideas will become papers. Searching for friendliness can be added more quickly when the site shows its friendliness. We can better operate the website.

So, what kind of website does the search engine like? what should we do?

Precise Segmentation First, we must have a site segmentation goal that lets search engines know what we do, so that search engines can categorize us and understand our site. If it’s a messy website, it will make the search engine think that the website is not worth it or very difficult to trust.

The layout of the website guarantees that there is absolutely no problem with the layout of the entire website. At the same time, it is necessary to simplify the code appropriately, making it easier for Baidu and Baidu spiders to understand the entire website, and to enhance the relevance of the website through the layout of the website itself.

Content content can be said to be the soul of a website, and it is also a way for specific users to display their content. Therefore, we must work hard to ensure the quality of the content, and we must focus on the theme of the website.

Attractive search engines have always placed the user experience first. In other words, the user is the basis that really affects the attitude of the search engine to the website. User behavior determines the importance of search engines to websites.

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