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The most important thing about the corporate website is the details. The overall planning of the corporate website is not very large. Regarding the professional website and the portal website, no matter the structure of the website and the data collected, it is incomparable.

Therefore, we need to use the details to improve the overall presentation of the website in the process of doing corporate websites. The details of the final website success and failure, as long as the focus on the details of the site in order to make the site perfect in the process of adding bricks and tiles. How to improve the overall layout of the website through the details, the following describes how the website uses the details to bring the success of the website. Corporate websites are not just marketing websites, but an important aspect is to display the content of the website. This part is to show the user the full strength of the company.

For example, we often see the company introducer section on corporate websites. In fact, this section is a value that is not important to the search engine, but for the user, the company can read important information of many companies, the overall planning, strength, and the future prospects of the company. . When we are doing business websites, we should not rush to introduce the company, and finally give the user a feeling of distrust.

Therefore, we need to focus on the needs of the corporate website when it comes to corporate content. This includes the corporate culture and arrangement structure, as well as the staff style. Why website bounce rate is so important Website bounce rate is an important criterion for measuring the quality of website content, and is also an important part of website ranking and search engine score.

We all know that the website ranking is in the search results homepage, and the ranking difference is the website bounce rate. Generally, we all think that the bounce rate is 1-35%. This means that the website is excellent in content quality and user experience. What is the bounce rate According to Baidu Encyclopedia, bounce rate refers to the percentage of visits that have left only the entrance page (such as the website home page) and the total number of visits that occurred. Therefore, the bounce rate directly determines the user’s recognition of the website, and is also the performance of the website in the search engine and the user’s mind. How to retain customers and then drop the website bounce rate becomes very important.

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