How to do seo on the mobile side? Detailed definition of mobile optimization rules

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What is brought to you today is the new rules for mobile optimization. I look forward to helping everyone.

  1. Can I recognize js on the mobile side? This is not a rule, but it should be highlighted. Because at least on the mobile side, Baidu can recognize the content in js. Includes some js frameworks. However, this is still the focus of demand. As a seo practitioner, letting the crawler use the js method to detonate is still a problem of adding crawlers to crawl. If you only look at this issue from the perspective of SEO, then what should we do if you can better improve the performance of the crawler. Of course, many times the skills of the site are not SEO, so you must understand the crawler’s support for js, and then don’t worry too much about certain issues.
  2. TDK clichés on the webpage, TDK is the biggest premise that no one can ignore. At the meeting, the Lord only mentioned some situations and did not elaborate on how to set up TDK on the mobile side. Of course, do you want Baidu people to teach you to do SEO? This is too impractical, so I will talk about it here. The title, description and keywords are TDK. It is necessary for them to understand the relationship between the three and the web page. The title of the page is a few words that describe the core purpose of the entire page. The illustration is a brief overview of this page. For example, use 80 Chinese characters to describe what you said on this page? This is a depiction! Keywords, many people think it is useless, but in fact today’s search engines do not strictly refer to this keyword, which does not mean it is useless. For example, use some keywords to describe the core content of a web page. Whether it’s a title, description, or keyword, it’s a general summary, summary, or overview of the page. The pages are written in a practical and objective way. About search engines, the best results about users and about the long-term development of the site.
  3. The time to publish a web page is an important basis for judging the novelty and timeliness of an article. The page that inspired everything is still set by the PC, but remember not to write yesterday, tomorrow, today; usually set according to the time coding mode, such as 2017-08-06 using simple date, 2017-08-06 12 using date + time: 31:46, maybe someone would say that using the date mode would be better? Still using date + time mode? In other words, Baidu uses it to evaluate ideas. Suppose you sent it today. The person who sent you was released 10 minutes after you sent the message. So is this time mode useful? Of course, the way search engines distinguish between these content is not just based on time itself. Because you spend time cheating, search engines are not very passive. Therefore, setting the time will provide more reference conditions for the search engine and require it to be set.
  4. the importance of the standard label The meaning and meaning of the label, please visit the article: What are the advantages of the specification label on the website? Since the brain function, the role of this tag on the PC has not been fully in place, but it plays a big role on the mobile side. Advise not setting it when setting requirements.
  5. js and display content about spiders, not only baiduspider. Do what you like! In addition, if the main content of your web page is not loaded with js, but the release time, source, etc. use js, it is not recommended. Finally, we need to control the size of the mobile web page. The crawler only gets the first 128k. Don’t let your header file display a lot of embedded code, such as css, js, etc., so the first 128k is the code, you will also see this page. no value.
  6. the picture display and base64 here first to explain that the base64 encoding is the kidney, simply to encode the image, reduce the https request, and then load the page faster, you can find that css is not a link, but a string, specify base64 encoding mode. First, in order to reduce the https request, it is advantageous to use base64 encoding for small-sized pictures, but if the picture is large, the effect is not good.
  7. mobile adaptation and URL rules Many people complain that mobile adaptation can’t help their website to resolve the inheritance relationship between PC weights and mobile station weights, and perhaps mobile adaptation is not obvious. The best way to support mobile adaptation is to establish a regular site for PC and M stations. That is, it works for sites that use webmasters and backgrounds to apply rules and decorations. In the company I worked for, after the mobile adaptation, it can be said that the traffic after the Spring Festival has increased by 500%, I jumped.

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