How does the website do Google seo optimization

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How does the website do Google seo optimization

Google seo optimization: Site page optimization is still very important because it accounts for 20-30% of the factors that influence site ranking. The optimization is mainly divided into the following parts: 1.

2. Page description label optimization;

3. Webpage keyword tag optimization;

4. ALT label optimization of page images;

5.H label optimization;

6. Page URL optimization;

7. Seo keyword optimization

8. The overall content of the page is relevant.

Page title tag optimization:

1. The title has a word limit, generally within 50 words, and will not be displayed on the search engine results page.

2. Title content should contain keywords and adopt different keyword strategies according to the importance of the page. Typically, we place large keywords on the title page, auxiliary keywords on the secondary catalog, and long tail keywords on the product page.

3. The keyword position should be placed at the top of the title because the search engine assigns weight to the top content.

Page description tag optimization: Page description is also very important.

A good description not only enables search engines to better understand the content of a page, but also improves the user experience. State the precautions.

1. Again, the word limit is 150 words or less. The additional words cannot be displayed in the search engine.

2. The description should contain keywords consistent with the title, but not stacked keywords.

H label optimization:

The H tag is the title of the Chinese page, arranged from H1 to H6 according to the weight. For example, the H1 in this article is titled Site Optimization, with bold and black font. The H tag is different from the site title we mentioned above. The title of the website is mainly for search engines to view, to reduce the difficulty for spiders to understand the content of the web page. There’s nothing to say about the H tag. When we write web content, we format it naturally.

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