What are the benefits of responsive website construction for SEO optimization?

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What are the benefits of responsive website construction for SEO optimization? (Website optimization)

Adaptive website is a type of website interface that enables web pages to be adaptively displayed on terminal devices of different sizes. This type needs to be constructed through new web design methods and technologies. In other words, by writing specific website page code, you can automatically recognize the screen width and adjust the page layout accordingly.

The page characteristics of the adaptive website are very consistent with the user experience. No matter users use different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops to access the website, the page can be clearly displayed in front of the user, and the content of the page will not be destroyed because of the size of the display screen.

What are the benefits of responsive website design for SEO?

1. Use a single website to concentrate traffic and improve ranking.

The advantage of responsive website design is that both mobile phones and tablets use the same website. This is different from the mobile version of the website. It concentrates website traffic and improves search engine rankings. In the case of google, the website will not be classified as a malicious link, but when the website is different but the content is the same, it will still affect the evaluation.

Second, excellent browsing lines, reduce the website bounce rate.

If you use a mobile phone to browse an ordinary website, you must zoom in and out to see the information you want, which can easily lead to an increase in the user’s bounce rate , and then think that this website is not the best search effect, and the ranking will also decrease. The advantage of RWD for SEO is not only to increase traffic, but also to reduce the bounce rate of the website. No matter which screen size has the best browsing line, it will not jump out directly because of the inconvenience of browsing pictures.

3. Simultaneously update the computer and mobile data.

Because the design of the responsive website is basically the same background, the updates will be synchronized, and the mobile version and the computer version are different backgrounds, so the update should be twice. If only one of them is updated, the information seen by computer users and mobile users is different, which will also cause consumers pain.

Advantages of responding to SEO

Self-adaption will cause more content pages to appear overcrowded on a small screen, affect the user experience, and cause traffic loss. Responsive web design will reasonably distribute web content based on the size of the user’s screen to provide users with the best user experience and better retain customers.

Self-adaptation will reduce the clarity of webpages on small devices, which will affect the overall beauty of the website; responsive webpages can reasonably distribute the content of the website and ensure the high-definition presentation of various parts of the website.

Original title: What are the benefits of responsive website construction for SEO optimization? (Website optimization)

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