Does the increase in keyword density contribute to site ranking optimization? (seo)

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For the site’s keywords, we must not be unfamiliar, but how to optimize keywords, keyword ranking, you have to spend some thought, the whole point of skill. There are many keyword optimization techniques. You can use keyword layouts to increase the frequency of your keywords, get better rankings, get more input, and improve your conversion rate.

   keyword optimization skills: pay attention to the title layout and page description

The first task of a website is the title. The title of the article is an important aspect of our display of keywords, and it is also the most concerned aspect of users. So we must firmly grasp the topic of optimization. On the page description of keyword optimization skills, is to give users a more enlightening aspect, but also need to do the corresponding layout.


  keyword competition strength

If a keyword is popular and competitive, the chances of winning are low and the ranking is difficult. For a website, identifying keywords is a very important job. If the keyword selection error, will bring a lot of trouble to the site optimization. Optimization is better, the increase in site traffic is not very useful.

Does the increase in keyword density contribute to site ranking optimization?

Increase keyword density, but do not touch the bottom line

Many people love to hate keyword accumulation. Keyword accumulation reflects the user’s eager mood. Search engine will be keyword accumulation judgment for doing bad things, it is like a sword hanging in the air, which let webmaster dare not cross the minefield.

  keyword optimization technology hyperlink

We know that keywords in articles can break links between web content, and we can link to pages related to web content. This is also the keyword optimization skills in the focus of the prominent keywords. In fact, the headings and bold phases of certain stages of an article can also be displayed by discrete bold comparisons.

  Other features of text and pictures

We know that all keywords appear on the text page of the text. Keyword skills can play a very important role at this time. For the setting of image ALT feature in keyword optimization technology, we can add some keywords in image ALT feature when making pages, which is also a friendly way for search engines.

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