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Keyword set can facilitate rapid identification, accurate search engine grab and matching, is closely related to our promotion effect. Key words set is given priority to with words or phrases,. In cross-border electricity, due to cultural differences, we may not meet visitors “compiled” keyword search habits, there is a mistake or itself. Therefore, the setting of the keywords do not subjective opinion, “coined” on its own. So, how to correctly set the focus of our site keywords?


Keywords should not be short sentence: at the time of lack of keywords, we often from the product title or page article intercepts a paragraph as a focus keyword. If we put this passage directly in the search engine in the search box to search, will find that contains the content of this sentence will appear directly in the search results. Therefore, set to the key words, there is no too big significance, visitors will not use the keywords to search.

Don’t use meaning too wide word or phrase: the meaning of common words or phrases with a modifier becomes more precise. Captured by search engine keywords visitors used in search key words, and too wide a word few visitors search. Accurate keywords can be focused, on the other hand, more accurate target audience, the visitors into the greater the likelihood of our customers.

Reference field data: by looking at their peers and competitors web site keywords, analyze their operation good website what keywords are selected, thus inspired and inspiration.

Above is the brief introduction of the tips about SEO keyword set, hope to help you.

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