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Google has SEM bidding ads and SEO natural traffic rankings

Google SEM auction ads currently use Google Ads, now there are various types of search / impression / shopping / video

Talk about the most common search ads. Search advertising looks very complicated. In fact, it can be simplified into 4 steps. After doing these 4 steps, you can successfully rise from a small white to a qualified advertising novice.


Google Ads account structure includes campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords.

Google advertising account structure has three layers. The bottom layer is ads and keywords, the middle layer is the ad group, and the top layer is the campaign.

We usually enter a word or a series of words in the search box of the search engine, and the advertisement will only appear on the search page. Therefore, advertisements and keywords are actually the core elements of an advertisement and the most basic elements of the bottom layer of advertisements.

When the number of keywords and slogans reaches a certain amount, we also need to perform the same operation to group the keywords with the same search intent into a group, which forms an advertising group, just like grouping in a child’s class and the number of students in a class Too many times, the people in the class need to be managed in groups, and the keywords and slogans are the same, which is the second layer of the account.

When there are a lot of ad groups, you need a larger container to accommodate this. This is the advertising campaign in Google Ads. You can circle where you want to sell the goods, that is, circle the target market, and you. How much money are you going to invest in this country.

Target market survey

Recommended tools:

Google Global Business Opportunities Use big data to find out which markets your product categories have more potential.

TrendGoogle Trends understands the market, audience information, and future marketing directions through Google’s massive search data.

  • Countries and regions

After researching, you can set the country and region in the advertisement. At present, the space selection of Google ads can be accurately targeted to a small place.

  • Target customer language

Target customer language refers to the language set in the Google account. The customer language is to cover all target customer groups. Generally, the language is set to “all languages”.

  • Ad serving time

Accurately select the start time of advertising based on the search time of your customers, for example, October 1st to October 7th.

Keyword research

Keyword research is particularly important in search advertising. An individual who has invested in Google ads for more than ten years thinks that he knows Google specifically, but his advertising conversion rate is not high, only to find that he has been using the wrong keywords .

  • Find the right keywords

First determine the products we want to advertise. Then, to understand the common sayings of customers in your target country, you can find foreign competitive websites or foreign related industry forums. The language weakness of Chinese export companies is not the foreign language itself, but the lack of understanding of customer context and jargon.

So, is n’t the product term a keyword? It should be said that the key word includes the product word. The core of the product word is to explain clearly what this thing is, but the core of the keyword is how your customers will search.

For example, if you want to buy Martin boots, you may enter “women’s Martin boots”, “cheap Martin boots”, “martin boots prices”, “buy Martin boots” … a series of words in the search box of search engines such as Baidu, etc. these Can be used as your keywords. Therefore, we see that not only words like “female Martin boots” and “cheap Martin boots” can be used as keywords. Words like “Martin boots price” and “Buy Martin boots” can be used as long as they reflect the customer’s search intent. As keywords.

Why did you come up with so many keywords? Finding keywords really can’t be done by slap your head. You have to use big data tools to find them.

  • Recommended useful gadgets:

CorGoogle Correlate can show you keywords that are often related.

Google Webmaster Webmaster Tools Sometimes the best keywords are the ones you already rank for. What does this mean? Many times, there are already some words on our website that have been ranked on Google, but they are on the second page or later. If we can find these words and do a certain degree of them Optimization, then they usually reach the first page within a few weeks. We can easily find these second and third page keywords in Google Webmaster.

Keyword Planner Tool Now most used, and the best one is Keyword Planner Tool.

Enter your product words, and a series of recommended keywords will come out, which will also include the price, competitiveness and monthly average bid of this keyword. After using the Keyword Planner tool, you will get a preliminary keyword list.

Keywords Everywhere

A favorite tool, it exists in the form of chrome or firefox extension.

For example, if you enter google adsense in google, Keywords Everywhere will show you the monthly search volume of this keyword, the keywords nearby, and the CPC price.

We should choose keywords that are not competitive but have good traffic.

Answer the publish

This is also a good tool for keyword extension. When you enter a keyword, we specify it as a seed, and answer the publish will use this seed as the center to analyze and use common search terms about this seed. Shown in the form of a chart.

No need to think for ourselves.

And it also supports exporting spreadsheets, analyzing keywords is super convenient.

And the search volume and CPC of each keyword will also tell you.



BerUbersuggest now offers many advanced features including: search volume, CPC and SEO difficulty. It also performs a deeper dive analysis of the first 10 results.

I like it very much, especially its suggestion on the difficulty of keyword ranking. In other words, this page is very nice.

Google Trends

I do n’t need to introduce too much. You must already know. Although the detailed reading of the data is not high, you can see which keywords are rising and which keywords are falling.

Google Search Console

Everyone is familiar with it. Google ’s webmaster tools. In addition to submitting our sitemap, there are many Google analyses of our site.

This is very useful, you can see the most authoritative report on the site, those keywords show you, which clicked you, how many times your article was clicked, whether it was added to the index, and so on.



ChromeA chrome extension that I don’t use very often, it analyzes various parameters such as google’s index, alexa value, etc. in the address bar and URLs in search results. Of course, there is also the main one is the date when this page was generated.


A very interesting page to help you analyze the first page in Google. It shows PA / DA, word count, page speed, etc.



Is also a website for querying keywords and surrounding keywords. Of course, it will also show you related keywords, monthly visits, CPC, and so on.

Of course, there are some paid software in addition to the above, such as SEMrush and Ahrefs, they will provide more comprehensive functions, of course, the price is also very expensive, you can check it out if you are interested.

At this time, use the three-step test to check whether the words in this vocabulary can be used.

The first step is to check whether keywords are searched.

It can still be done with just the Keyword Planner function.

In the keyword list searched by the keyword planner function, each keyword has a corresponding search volume and competitive recommendation. Enter your selected word in the Keyword Planner tool, select “United States” for “Location”, and select the target market language, such as “English”. If the search volume is below 10, no one searches for this word, even Adding it as a keyword is also unlikely to bring you business, so giving up such a word is fine.

The second step is to verify whether these keywords match your product.

Turn on Bing / Google image search function, enter tube, if more than 50% of the pictures on a page are pictures of pipes, then you are right, if not, then you probably think the correct product word.

The third step is to verify whether the customer has the intention to purchase your product.

Search keywords one by one in Bing / Google. If more than 80% of the search results are related to competitors’ product content, this keyword is basically no problem.

Select keyword matching method

Only one main keyword is equivalent to a “naked word”, and various matching methods can be used for normal use.

There are four types of matching: broad match, broad match with modifiers (broad modification), phrase match, and exact match.

Coverage: Broad match >> Broad modification >> Phrase match ≈ Exact match.

Relevance: Universal match << Broadly modified << Phrase match ≈ Exact match.

Broad match

Broad match is the most loose one, as long as it matches the search intent. For example, if the keyword is sports shoes, someone might search for nike shoes. Often times, the search term you match will surprise you.

Therefore, “broad match” is generally not recommended. Only when there are not enough “key words” and the budget is large, you can use broad matching to find some potential keywords.

Additively modified broad match (broad modified match)

What is broadly modified match? In fact, the search word for broad match must include all the words you write, but it can be in any order. For example, the keyword + sports + shoes will not match nike shoes, but it will match sports men’s shoes and shoes for sports. Modified broad matching, also called “broad modified matching”, is the basic setting for all keywords.

Phrase match & exact match

Very important core keywords (keywords that perform particularly well) are based on the “broadly modified” matching method. Using phrases and precise matching together can increase the relevance in different search scenarios.

Phrase matching is a stricter matching method that requires search words to include keywords in the original order. For example, the keyword “sports shoes” will not match sports men’s shoes and shoes for sports, but it will match men’s sports shoes.

Exact matching is the strictest type. It requires that the search words and keywords are exactly the same. There can be no more or less, and the order cannot be different.

Usage scenarios & suggestions:

Unless in order to discover new and valuable keywords, in general, it is recommended to use “modified broad match” + “exact match” + “phrase match” at the same time.

In the beginning, it ’s possible to save money by using the most exact match method “Exact Match” + “Phrase Match”, but it may cause too few clicks, but add “” Exact Match “+” Phrase Match ” “Broadly modified matching” matching method, the three matching methods used at the same time, we can see more different search words, better understand our target customers.

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