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How to improve website conversion rate?

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In the process of doing SEO on our website, most SEOERs are habitually used as traffic stations, using a lot of traffic to attach ad network codes to make websites profitable. But in some cases, the website has a certain amount of traffic, and does not necessarily get a good clickthrough rate and conversion rate. So how can we improve the conversion rate of the website?

Based on past experience in Internet marketing, we will further elaborate through the following:

1.Business segmentation

Tell users what you can do and what they have, for example, a training website whose business segments are: fresh graduate training, on-the-job training, non-employed training, internal training, etc., different groups of people correspond respectively Different entrances, so that users will feel that your website is related to him.

2.User segmentation

The market analysis before the website is built will subdivide the users into several modules, and then make different entrances to different user groups on the website, analyze the different users’ current status, psychology, characteristics, etc. and give corresponding guidance. Sex articles or pages.


B2C communication is the most indispensable content for commercial websites, such as online customer service, online QQ consulting and other tools that allow companies to communicate with users in real time. Users are passive when browsing the website. If you let customers stay in your Finding what you want on the site has greatly reduced user conversion rates.


Adding a place on the website that allows users to communicate with users. Users can communicate with other users about what they think and ask, which can greatly increase the user’s confidence and reference, which has a direct effect on the conversion rate of users.

5.Online customization

The products or services on your website cannot be purchased by all users. In this case, let users customize their own products or services. For example, the website of a training institution allows users to choose courses themselves, customize a few courses, and then the website presents the courses immediately. Cost, time, instructor, class information, etc.

6.Third party speaks

When the user chooses the right product or service for himself, the user ’s psychology is confused. At this time, your customer case, customer evaluation, trainees ’words, etc. are displayed on the website. It can generate trust, and secondly, it can generate psychological assumptions. Users also think of themselves as the results of third-party success stories at this time, and give a very clear user guidance.

7.Online payment

When the user has gained trust in you, he will take some purchasing actions. At this time, if the website gives the user a convenient and fast online payment system, it will play a great role in guiding the purchase.

8.Well-designed customer experience

I think that carefully designing customer experience is not something non-professionals can do. User surveys and market surveys need to be combined with the status quo of their own websites to dig up the entire psychological process of users to implement the experience process of designing customers.

9.Detailed contact information

When a user sees a product that is more interested, he knows too little about the product. At this time, an expert in a related product is required to answer it accordingly. Therefore, detailed contact information is indispensable. Strictly speaking, contact information should appear on every page of the website.

10Relevance layout

Fully analyze the user’s psychology, for example, the weight loss page. The current page introduces the general weight loss content. The page must also show relevant links for weight loss, such as exercise weight loss, drug weight loss, and how to lose weight. What weight-loss pills are better, etc. Correlation links appear in accordance with user psychology.

If your website uses the points mentioned above, then your website will actively convert visitors or potential customers into your prospective customers, and it will be able to realize the conversion of book profits to actual profits, and then you will get Real benefit!

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