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Nine Google SEO technology trends

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It is said that SEO is one of the most important technical achievements in today’s society. With the development of e-commerce technology, search engines are becoming more intelligent, and traffic acquisition is becoming more and more difficult. In this case, if you are a SEO beginner, want to become a professional SEO staff, or just want to To improve your SEO skills, here are some rules you must follow.

Mobile optimization

     Mobile optimization-First of all, it is important to test the performance and loading speed of your website on different devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.). Avoid loading delays when browsing. With the increasing number of mobile users, you should always pay attention to mobile optimization when you start SEO.

User search habits

     How users search-understanding what keywords users search on the Internet is the most basic requirement. However, SEO is now more focused on understanding the intent behind search (Ms. Andy’s special note: related to RankBrain).

      If you want to build a long-term search engine optimization strategy, this is very important. You want the intent behind every search, and the reasons behind it.

Caring for both people and procedures

     Layout content for people’s experience, optimize for search engines-if you want to make a successful SEO strategy, the human factor is very important.

     When creating content, you should always focus on your audience. In addition to content relevance, creating high-quality content is also important, which can help increase search traffic.

Data analysis of Evergreen content

     Analyzing Existing Search Traffic-You need to analyze your existing search traffic. Start by analyzing the top 10 articles and see what they have in common. You can also search for “evergreen content” (evergreen content in SEO, which will bring continuous traffic), and update the article in the same or similar way.

Follow the latest news

    Always pay attention to the latest SEO trends. In order to master SEO, you need to keep up with the latest trends and algorithm updates, which may affect your SEO strategy. It is very important to know the latest SEO changes.

Learning ranking factors

      Human energy is limited, SEO’s work is complicated, and the workload is heavy. How to grasp the key points is the key.

     Learn some important ranking factors-You need to know clearly which important ranking factors will affect your ranking on search results pages (SERPs). These factors include relevance and correct keywords, page speed and backlinks. It’s also important to understand how each ranking factor affects your optimization.

user experience

Never underestimate user experience-the most important thing about SEO is user experience.

     Google is becoming smarter over time. One of the important things is that search results have become more personalized. One of the goals is to provide users with the best experience.
     In addition to having relevant content, you also need to ensure that your site ’s customer experience is sufficient to keep users reading.
     In the introduction of English SEO, people often refer to the customer experience as “UX”.

social media

      The connection between social media and SEO-It is important to understand that there is a very strong connection between social media and SEO. It’s important to analyze how social media affects your search results.

Get to know voice search

     Learn how voice search works-voice search will be the biggest factor in changing SEO in 2020, and by 2020, the use of voice search is expected to increase significantly.

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  • Content marketing is a way to create high viscosity content that can bring value to users so as to obtain search engine ranking. Content marketing is a means to bring value to users is the purpose.
    It should be noted that you need to understand the pain points of users, do content marketing for the pain points of users, and write articles to solve the pain points. You can make users cool, and Google can make you cool.

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