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How to do Google SEO optimization in 2020

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There is a certain degree of professionalism in Google promotion. It takes a long time for the professional to optimize the content of the website, traffic to the website, and external link construction for the website. The effect cycle is relatively long. Let ’s talk about how to do Google optimization.

user experience

In fact, Google hasn’t changed. Each time Google adjusts its algorithm, it only ensures that the user can truly search for the reliable content he wants to see. The reason for not doing well is just not doing it with your heart, doing it hard, and keeping an motivated mind to keep learning. As a website you have been doing what you want to express. Without understanding what the user wants to see, he sees your product and what your webpage looks like. In the end, you are interested in watching it, and feel that you are helpful to deal with the problem and understand you in depth. Obviously we should do what users like. We try our best to reduce the communication cost in actual communication with users through the entire content of your website. Also tell users what they want to know intuitively and in detail. Regarding the user needs, I summarized the 3 step process and hope it will be helpful to everyone:

1: Survey user needs

This can be used to investigate our industry data, to research what the user wants to know about the product based on the search volume data of the keywords, or to view all of our platform inquiries and summarize the problems that the user can not understand during the communication with the user, especially It is an issue that affects trust. Investigate topics of interest to users in industry forums, and investigate quora related questions from foreign Q & A platforms

2: Demonstrate a reasonable form of user needs

We put the issues in line with the main line of our website services. Use videos, articles, products, pictures and other forms to show it. Be careful not to deviate from the main line. The logic must be clear and the layout must be beautiful and reasonable.

3: Monitoring the experience through data

I can watch YouTube videos for a long time. This can be seen in the YouTube background. Website We use Google Analytics Google Analytics to check the bounce rate of the website and the time spent by the user. It is difficult to get enough enquiries if the general website does not exceed 1 minute and 30 minutes. Of course, the status of excellent websites is generally about 3 minutes. We can also share your article to Facebook to see the repost and click status to determine the topic of the article, the quality of the website content, and the quality of the video. If the numbers are great, congratulations on your website.

Value article pages

When I go to observe any industry, there are so many foreign websites that do very well. When the number of inquiries is estimated, some products and some websites even reach about 3w inquiries every month. I have thought of many ways to go beyond them, to strengthen the website’s external links? Increase in advertising investment? Promote brand influence? But none of the results were satisfactory to me. Of course, there are cases where I surpass competitors by increasing advertising investment, but the problem of relying on money to solve is not always a big problem. The traffic charged on conversions is always inferior to free traffic, which means that free traffic is actually the most expensive. In fact, many companies can’t figure it out. But the experience of the last year tells me that it is not difficult to surpass them, and that is by articles. There are so many reasons. The first point is that articles are better than product pages. The second point is that articles can be used for content marketing. Recently, there have been cases of passing product through product articles that surpassed 20-year-old competitors in 3 years. Good articles I think we need to grasp the comprehensiveness of the article, that is, no matter which processing solution I choose, there is an answer in your article, and there is another point that is sincere and not conservative.

Focus on mobile optimization

Of the traditional foreign trade b2b customer website data we serve, 80% of customer website mobile site traffic has exceeded 60%. The solution we gave last year was a responsive website. However, in practical applications, there are still bugs in the loading speed of responsive websites. That is to say, the speed is still not fast enough, and it is difficult for mobile traffic to stay longer than 60s. It gives us less time in social traffic, usually 30s. In addition to the responsive website mobile terminal we specifically optimize. In Google search results, I recommend that you use AMP technology. This is the mobile page optimization solution from Google in February 2016. After nearly 3 years of development, it has gradually matured, and I think it will gradually become the mainstream of Google’s mobile search traffic.

Focus on voice search

Speech recognition technology has been perfectly embodied in social applications, that is, when users search for content, they do n’t need to enter text in the search box, and tell your mobile phone directly what you need to find. When he slowly became a habit. It is difficult for you to pay more attention to the voice search estimation. It is recommended that you take the lead.

High-quality external chain construction

Many external links that have been made recently have been lost. The stability and quality of the external chain will affect the stability of your ranking. A good website is either a great content experience or a great external link. The real good external links are not your own. Much of it is because of your premium content users. Keep a sincere and kind mind on the content to help your users. The external chain and website traffic customers naturally have all one by one, or as good and structured customers as you.

Don’t ignore Google Spot Ads

Google is essentially an advertising company. Google ads can be used to test the user experience and conversion rate of your pages. This effectively avoids detours for SEO. Each time Google adjusts to fluctuations, there are often adwords sites that do not fluctuate very much. Websites that rely solely on seo traffic, if there is a problem in strategy, it will inevitably cause a sudden decline in website traffic inquiry. Google ads also have the effect of improving website keyword ranking in actual applications.

Value brand

Some people have promoted their products for 2 years, from 20 inquiries to about 400 inquiries, and seeing that they have enough brand influence in the industry. I ca n’t find my own brand but ca n’t register it in most countries. Relatively speaking, this will be a great loss. If the industry’s popularity reaches a certain level one day. For brands that cannot be registered, it causes great losses in our target market.

In the final summary of ideas, I corrected everyone’s mistakes in one idea. Many companies like station groups, which are more suitable when the platform lacks content. The current Google SEO strategy. It’s better to run a website with good intentions, the reason is that the number one effect is the effect of the last nine positions combined. Websites tend to involve energy and can’t focus on one point to get things done. And there are too many unstable factors. Of course, if your company’s copywriting ability is relatively strong, it is also good to make a few blog sites to assist the main site.

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