How to make keyword layout

How to layout keywords

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Let the search engine think that your website is related to the words the user searches for, and thus improve the ranking of the word in the search engine. This is the meaning of the keyword layout.

Today we mainly come to understand the location of keywords in the website.

The location of the keyword layout that can be reasonably and effectively performed on the page is as follows

Layout keywords in the title of the website.

In the title of the page, it is advisable to place 3~5 keywords, which is not conducive to optimization. Because the more keywords, the corresponding weight of each keyword is less. For example, if 10 keywords are placed in the title, the average keyword can only be divided into one tenth of the weight. It is difficult to get the ranking; if only 3 keywords are placed, the average keyword can be When you assign a weight to one-third, it is relatively easy to get the ranking. When setting the title keyword, the order of the words is arranged according to the importance level. The more important the key words are, the more they should be placed first. Because the more the words are, the higher the weight is.

How to optimize the layout of keywords within the website during the seo process

Layout keywords in the description.

Let me introduce you to what is the description of the web page. The description, also known as description, is reflected in the source file of the web page.

Layout keywords in the keywords tab.

Let me tell you what keywords are. The Chinese meaning of keywords is “keyword”, which refers to the keyword tag of the webpage, which can be seen in the source code of the webpage.

Layout keywords in the navigation.

Site navigation is a place with a very high weight on the page. Because navigation is generally at the top of a web page, its role is to guide the user to the information they need at the first time, which will appear in each page; while the search engine looks at the content of a page, it is viewed from the top down. The higher the content, the more important the search engine is, so the weight of the navigation is higher. When displaying the keywords in the navigation, pay attention to it, and it should be arranged without affecting the user experience.

Layout keywords in the section name and article title.

A website’s page is divided into sections, and several article titles are also displayed in the section. We can place keywords in these section names and article titles. In the layout, it should also be based on the premise of not affecting the user experience.

Layout keywords in the bottom copyright and friendship links.

At the bottom of the website page, friendship links and copyright information are usually set. This location is also a great location for layout keywords.

How to optimize the layout of keywords within the website during the seo process
Keywords can be located in the location of the home page layout. In general, places where text can appear can be laid out, but they must be beautiful and cannot be piled up.

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