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How to reduce the bounce rate of corporate websites

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The website interface is the first impression about the user, just like the first feeling that a person wears and dresses the same. Therefore, we create a sophisticated visual interface for the website in the corporate website interface, ensuring that the website is clearly visible in color, the color is warm, and there is a good navigation structure.

Also, make sure that the site style layout does not present typographical faults. The website is very important with the description of the text, and the search engine also pays more attention to the text, and it is also very helpful in the progress of weights. However, the flowers still need green leaves to set off, the picture is this green leaf. Good website visual interface, plus high-quality pictures, can’t you still confuse the desire of customers to browse? The whole color matching of the website and the website business are suitable.

For example, the decoration website needs to reflect the art and decoration style is classical style, still modern style. Website construction websites generally choose blue as a cooperative project. We all use the color to interpret the business and brand when we do all the cooperation on the website.

Countermeasures for lowering the bounce rate

  1. The navigation aspect is as reasonable as possible. It advocates the use of breadcrumb navigation, the navigation needs are clear and the customer does not feel very much.
  2. The link part in the station, the link in the station is very reasonable;
  3. The server is also very important, the progress page The loading speed;
  4. the entire content of the web page is the most important, the information that can attract the user is the most suitable for the user experience;
  5. please do not present too many faulty links, dead links, etc.;
  6. the website should not put a lot of advertising, floating Window type advertising;
  7. the entire design of the website is also a particularly important key factor, the entire layout is in line with the user’s viewing habits;
  8. the server should be fast, the website is recommended to select domestic servers, stable and open the website faster than Hong Kong and abroad; The most important thing is that the website should be original and high quality.

As long as the continuous high-quality content is to ensure the weight of the website and the progress of the ranking, so that the ranking and the user left a good impression, but the content of the website is neat and tidy is also an important part of the quality of the content, I hope everyone also needs to remember.

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