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10 tips to get started with SEO


The implementation of the website is inseparable from the seo staff, but many individuals do not have the funds to hire professional SEO personnel before the website starts running. So what should we do at this time? Today, Xiaobian gives us an entry-level SEO learning method. It is the primary process and process of learning SEO. In fact, SEO is only familiar with these 10 processes. Let’s take a look.

1, as a newcomer to SEO, need to understand the website construction, even if you can not write code, but you need to understand the website’s website and root html code, this is the first step in the SEO list, because you may set the title when building the station, It is necessary to start the SEO layout. The SEO optimization without the website is not the real website optimization. The simple website optimization only needs to use the source code setting and content modification of the website. After the complicated answer, we will do this only. The need to grasp some simple code common sense, the code is the key to dealing with the problem, if you do not use the code, the challenges encountered in the answer, do not know how to modify the correct code.

2. Need to know the common sense of using domain names, know how to register related domain names, know the domain name that is suitable for implementation, know how to transfer and transfer domain names, know how to resolve domain names, and know how to maintain domain name security. These problems are all common sense of the domain name that needs to be known. Here are two points to explain, the top is to register a formal domain name with a formal domain name, and the second is to choose the domain name to pay attention to.

3, the bottom stage, when we enter a new industry, it will not be able to make money in a while, the bottom is especially important for the later SEO optimization, novices learn SEO optimization needs for a few months, and this only saves estimates, many The details are all piled up for a long time. It takes a long time to get familiar with the SEO optimization. Every industry should take the basic knowledge as the fundamental point. It is impossible to do SEO in one step.

4, the beginning is to do a simple key word optimization, Xiaobian my list for the first time to do website optimization is the key word of SEO, just did not expect to insist on three months to optimize the word, the official website is still as long as Ten visits, so I chose to abandon in less than half a year. It is also because I just started to optimize. The impact of this failed experience on Xiaobian is not small. The two-month easing period is still not recovering, even a bit I want to escape, but fortunately I persisted.

5, to understand the basic network common sense, SEO optimization is not a simple SEO, do SEO optimization, is to grasp the understanding of the website to implement skills, the website implementation is like an online shop to promote, the implementation is a publicity approach One way is to simply participate in the content is not enough, only to implement is too one-sided, the site must have rich content support, but also need to find ways to promote the content.

6, do website optimization must have patience, do not always think about making money, to know that earning money is not a one-time thing, the more eager to want to rank top, it is very simple to make a person stunned. In the face of problems with SEO optimization, try to overcome your own difficulties and find ways to deal with them.

7, to clearly understand the advantages of competitors, Xiaobian has encountered hundreds of webmaster administrators, they have analyzed the reasons for this problem, they are often seen by competitors’ websites Bad, but I don’t know why the ranking is so good. In fact, the reason is not that the competitor’s website is poor, but we have not found the advantage of the competitors, and can not find the advantages of the competitors.

8, usually pay more attention to the official knowledge about search engine optimization, such as Baidu, 360 search, Sogou and other webmaster channels, understand the official dynamics can help us grasp common sense faster, of course, we must also learn more How do other people do SEO optimization, do not close themselves, we can have their own optimization methods, but also to absorb more good optimization methods. 9, can not ignore the careful. In fact, the current SEO skills have become open secrets. Our optimization methods are similar. How do you optimize them? I am also so optimized. The key point is who can better grasp the details, who is more careful, and control from the typos. , to the segmentation of the article, to the site navigation layout, and even a punctuation mark, are all in need of attention.

10. Always take the user experience as the starting point. No matter what kind of optimization method is adopted, no matter how high the SEO skills, you can’t give up the user experience. If you do a good job of user experience, you will be able to do SEO and deal with the problem for the user. It is the value of the existence of the website, and respecting the user’s website can be respected by the user. Everyone respects the user, but there are very few good things to do.

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