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Which seo technologies are necessary?


In the construction of the website, the role of seo is getting bigger and bigger. In fact, website optimization is also a technical activity. In addition to some basic optimization techniques in optimization, you need to pay attention to the details of some website optimization.

1. The keyword layout of the website. In the optimization of Zibo website, the layout of keywords is a very important part. For small websites, the density of keywords can be made, and the stations can be aggregated. The keyword layout of the website should also be reasonable and not confusing, otherwise the effect of increasing the weight will not be achieved. It should be noted that the website keywords cannot be stacked at will, otherwise the search engine will think that this is cheating.

2. The URL setting of the website must be clear. We all know that search engine spiders come in through the URL of the website. The shorter the url, the more popular it is with search engines. We have to statically staticize our website when optimizing our website links. This way, whether it’s user access or search engine spiders crawl faster. In general, the link to the website should preferably not exceed three levels, so that the weight can be concentrated and not lost.

3. The navigation of the website should be clear. The navigation of the website is divided into the main navigation of the website, breadcrumb navigation, and map navigation. The navigation of the website is like a direction sign. Regardless of the type of website, the user clicks in, let the user know clearly where they are and where the user will go next, so that the user will not get lost in the website, navigation The settings can increase the user experience, and only the user experience is good, in order to reduce the bounce rate. For the website SEO, whether it is the main navigation or the secondary navigation of the website is very important. At the bottom, you should also do a secondary navigation of the website, so that users can quickly return to the home page or the previous page. The map navigation of the website is also very important. The user can clearly see the key columns of the website on the map navigation. The map navigation allows the user to have a global concept on the website, which is more conducive to improving the user experience.

4. High quality content. Regardless of the type of website, the content of the website is the core competitiveness. The content of the same website should be kept original, because Baidu search engine prefers the content of novel articles, and the website insists on updating the original content for a long time, which is beneficial to the website. The weight is increased, so that the keywords of the website get a good ranking. In addition, some websites’ high-quality original content is also an effective means to increase users’ continuous attention to the website, but the premise is that the content of the article should be useful to the user, be novel, and cause the user’s emotional resonance. Otherwise, the article that does not have any benefit to the user cannot impress the user. .

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