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What are the matters needing attention in the revision of the corporate website?


As the times continue to develop, people’s demand for websites is constantly changing, so most websites will face the problem of revision, but the impact of the revision on the website is very large. If there is improper operation, then This will lead to the disappearance of existing website keyword rankings. So how to operate the corporate website revision?

Quick fix, the revision time is not too long. In fact, according to my experience, closed-site maintenance is not completely reliable. Because of many closed-site maintenance practices, I found that the so-called closed-end maintenance can only be said to be temporary maintenance. Some keywords can’t guarantee everything. Many of the more competitive keywords will not be able to recover in the next half of the situation. Therefore, in order to prevent greater losses, we are better to do the debugging work of the website revision in advance. The speed of the website is revised and the website is revised. The longer the revision is, the more unfavorable our website is.

What should I pay attention to when changing the website? 1. After correcting the revision of the TDK website, we should correct the title, description, keywords and other codes according to the website, and submit the site to the search engine in time. 2, the website revision page beautifies the page style of the website, firstly correct the picture and style of the website, make the website page more beautiful, and thus improve the user experience, such website revision can improve the ranking of the website in Baidu. Fix the website structure, replace the module with pure image with the text and text, or make it full-text. If you want to achieve some functions, you can consider the div+js layout, don’t use pure pictures to fill the defects of your webpage. . 3. The website promptly backs up the website content database and backs up in time. As far as possible, the original link is unchanged while changing the appearance of the page. This will reduce the normal open rate of the website of the dead chain progress website. Secondly, the 404 page is prompted to prompt the user to view more information. . How to operate the corporate website revision? The above is the relevant introduction. For most SEOers, it is rare to touch the website revision, so the knowledge in this area will be relatively thin. Therefore, be cautious when operating the website revision. Otherwise, the keywords that have been piled up on the site no longer exist.

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