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What are the factors that search engines give to website ranking weights?


When enterprises are doing network seo, they must have a certain understanding of the search engine ranking mechanism. Otherwise, the ranking of corporate websites is always difficult to do on Baidu’s homepage. So what does the search engine rely on to give weight and ranking to the site?

  1. The user realizes that the user experience is presented because the search engine mechanism is full, and it is often optimized by SEO personnel for optimization. But optimization for optimization is only satisfied with the needs of search engines, and search engines are for users. Therefore, when the search engine feels satisfied with the internal mechanism, more is considered for the user experience.
  2. URL address URL address is an invisible concept that is not often mentioned in SEO. When it comes to the URL address, people generally think of programmers, but in fact, SEO staff also need to understand the operation between them, when we give a large number of links to a URL address, the same Baidu spider will also give higher under the site. Orientation.
  3. Update frequency A good website is demand-maintained, and the way to maintain it is to work hard day in and day out. Don’t try to steal the labor of others, and you will often lose more than you gain. If the site is not large, just make sure to update one or two high-quality original articles every day; if the site is large, it requires a lot of modifications to maintain.
  4. Keyword layout keywords are important because they exist in the local area that Baidu spiders value most. The keywords of the general website are usually presented in the following seven local areas, namely title, meta, H1, B, alt, links and URL. When we are doing keyword layout, the requirements are based on different local usage of different codes, so that search engines know which keywords are on the website. What is the search engine weighting and ranking for the website? The above is the relevant introduction. The user experience is a very important factor in the present, otherwise it will lead to a high bounce rate, which is not conducive to doing SEO. Optimize the rankings.

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