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What is the impact of the level of the website directory on website optimization?

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Friends who have used WordPress to do the station should know that the wordpress path is relatively short. Sometimes some specific content pages will not be placed in the secondary directory or even the third-level directory. In fact, this method of registering web pages is relatively reasonable. .

Regarding search engines, content will be searched down from the root directory. If the page is stored in a directory of level 3 or higher, the search engine will be very difficult to crawl and may not include much content. Therefore, it is recommended to store important content in the root directory as much as possible. Do not go beyond the third level directory. This will not only improve the speed of preservation, but also improve the ranking. At the same time, it’s important to set keywords in the directory. Of course, sometimes the domain root directory does not need to include only directories, nor does it have a single page. Such a single page must have a higher weight in the search engine than a single page in the directory. When a search engine crawls a directory, it starts crawling a particular page. The weight and density of keywords on the page and the density of keyword links on the page are important factors in the search engine reference.

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In short, the level of a keyword can be divided into three levels. Join keywords; complete site optimization; as a core keyword. There are many related extended keywords under this term, such as total station optimization plan, total station optimization method, total station promotion strategy and many other secondary extension keywords. In this way, it is necessary to use when planning the structure of the website; site optimization as a core keyword, the keyword can appear in the domain name, and the second-level extended keyword can be displayed as a sub-column in the site. Directory title. The third level page is a three-level keyword to be optimized. For example, the Good Site Optimization Resolve Program sub-column adds a page similar to the one that completes the site optimization plan download.

To sum it up, there is a saying that the importance of the keywords included in the structure of the website page matches the importance of the keywords to be optimized, and important keywords should be placed in important positions. Of course, the internal process is much more complicated than I said above, for example, extracting information about a web page, pointing to a link to the web page itself, and so on. In fact, it’s not hard to find out that, in fact, search engines must do some processing when crawling content to better serve the query service.

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